The Actyon SX dual cab diesel really is the family friendly ute. With coil spring rear suspension and a quiet, car-like interior, the Actyon dual cab ute offers outstanding flexibility and comfort for the whole family. It has to be one of the most comfortable utes going around. Sporting a two-litre turbo-charged diesel engine with 360Nm of torque, and available in 4x2 or 4x4, the Actyon is ready for work all week and play all weekend. Featuring Bluetooth phone connectivity with wireless music streaming, CD/MP3 player and USB connectivity, cruise control, air conditioning, electric windows and mirrors, 2 child seat anchors, anti-lock brakes with electronic stability control, up to 2.3 tonne towing capacity with a braked trailer and 3 year 24/7 roadside assist as standard kit, the Actyon is also amazing value. So if you’re looking for a stylish, versatile and feature packed dual cab ute to drive your family’s active lifestyle, the dual cab Actyon SX is your family friendly ute.


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  • Bluetooth
  • Power windows
  • Front fog lights
  • Driver/passenger airbags
  • Folding rear seat
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  • Deep tray with liner fitted as standard
  • Wide opening tailgate
  • Front fog lights
  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
  • 16-Inch alloys (SX only)
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Benefits of owning a 5-seater ute

The need for owning two vehicles is common place these days, particularly for those who work in a trade and need a ute during the week and family car for weekends. Often a practical work vehicle such as a ute fails the ‘comfort test’ for weekend use, while a comfortable passenger vehicle such as a sedan or wagon isn’t practical for tools and equipment.

Owning two vehicles however can be expensive, particularly when registration and insurance costs are added up, not to mention the burden of parking an additional car in areas with limited on-street parking.

It’s for these reasons (and many more!) that dual cab 5-seater utes, such as the SsangYong Actyon, are growing in popularity and proving the right fit for families.

Separate storage for messy cargo

Whether you need to transport tools covered in concrete, dirt and oil, or kids beach toys that leave a trail of sand everywhere they go, having a separate storage area is an invaluable aspect of owning a ute, keeping the interior clean and mess free. With a dual cab ute you not only have the benefit of separate storage, but you also have 5 seats and the ability to fit the whole family in comfort.

More storage space = more options!

While most station wagons and vans have limited cargo space, a dual cab ute offers greater storage space and flexibility when it comes to planning your activities. Whether loading up the tray with bikes, tents, or a BBQ, the options are virtually endless, and the Actyon will give you much more freedom to transport whatever you require, compared to a typical 5 seater car or SUV.

The Actyon difference

What sets the Actyon apart from other dual cab utes is the car-like quietness and driving performance. All the utility you need, but without noisy ‘truck’ drive experience. Actyon owners say it’s the perfect compromise and may even save you the need for a second car.